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Teachers don't need more workshops on how to "teach better." They already rock! I'm here to provide the kind of support that improves QUALITY OF LIFE.

Exhale. Imagine. Be inspired. Be blessed.

As a teacher of 20 years, I get what it's like to be in the tough classrooms of today and I know educators don’t need “fixing” or more workshops on how to “teach better” because they already rock! I specialize in helping hard working educators go from feeling exhausted, discouraged, and disrespected to energized and inspired and staying that way.

I am on a mission to serve as many educators as I can this month and am excited to offer my upcoming FREE mini retreats. I invite you to book a mini retreat for your school or team in person or virtually so teachers can attend from ANYWHERE for free! I think you will love it!


An inspirational mini retreat for educators

Apply for a free 2 hour workshop for 5 or more!

I will show you 3 secrets to go from slowly collapsing under 80 plus hour work weeks, parent complaints, and behavior issues to reclaiming time to...

Read your favorite novel in the bath,
get out for a hike,
cook a delicious meal, and
live a life you love.


In this workshop, you’ll learn:

  • The most important mindset you need to quickly get your life back,

  • How to set boundaries that get you the respect you deserve,

  • The most important time saving resources that you’re ignoring, and

  • more!

Get ready to be rejuvinated, uplifted, and inspired

There is no program, training or curriculum that will impact students the way happy teachers can!

Apply for a free one hour, one-on-one, Kickass Kickstarter!

Have you ever been sitting in the bathroom and thought, “Hmmm...this is probably the ONLY self care I will get to today.” Well I have... lotsa times! And, I’m so grateful for that precious moment of peace and quiet I could literally cry. Welcome to the life of many teachers, right?!!

I’ve been fortunate enough to work with over 3,000 at risk children of trauma and poverty internationally which is how I learned that...

When I live life like I matter, I can show up for them 100% and do 10 times the job I can do when I’m tired and dragging through the day.

That's why my mission is HAPPY TEACHERS!


Did you know that teachers suffer among the highest number of urinary tract & bladder infections because we literally do not have time to pee?!!  I can show you how to TAKE BACK YOUR WEEKENDS because...


You can rock your teaching and still have time for healthy meals, exercise, self care and time with your loved ones.

If the bathroom is your only respite during the day, applying for a free one on one  Kickass Kickstarter with me might be up your alley.



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"Jamie is the kind of person who makes coaching look good!"

Richard Seaman

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