How will 5 weeks of practicing self love through a guided forum transform your life?

I am Jamie, certified life coach and teacher, and my specialty is finding the light within; guiding you to let it shine! Join me for an online forum on how to show yourself love, kindness, grace, and compassion using Gary Chapman’s Five Love Languages.

The conversation begins Friday June 8th right here on fb or via email and will be updated each Friday for 5 weeks with short daily check ins and encouragement.

You can join the FREE forum anytime via MESSENGER or EMAIL.

You can also visit my Facebook page at withjamiej

You don’t need to know anything or prepare in anyway. Simply sign up and show up. All you need is an internet connection to check in at your leisure whenever it fits with your schedule. My hope is that through practicing intentional self love, we will discover a new and fresh lens that shifts our daily outlook and interactions with the world. I look forward to hearing from you!

Love and Light,


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