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Meet Jamie

What's this all about?

Veteran teacher turned transformational life coach and long time New Song member, Jamie Johnson, will be hosting one 5 Love Languages coaching day each month especially for New Song members and their families.



Why is this important?

Once upon a time, there was a married couple who loved each other very much. They both miraculously had the same top love language; acts of service! However, for one of them, the acts of service only really felt loving when they were performed outsides, while the other, only felt love from acts of service inside the house. It was like they were giving a high five that was so close but missing every time.

Then one day, a lady full of love and sunshine with a sparkly bun bobbing on top of her head stopped by to show them how to speak more lovingly to each other. The sunshine bun lady, taught the first spouse how to take their acts of service inside the house to help with the dishes and cooking more often and she taught the second spouse to remember to take their acts of service outside to spend time together in the garden and having campfires a bit more often.

And, from then on the married couple could connect their high five of love happily ever after.

Self-awareness around our own love languages helps us to set our loved ones up for success in loving us and shows us how to help them do the same. It starts with YOU.


Who can sign up?

Any New Song member may sign up with up to 5 of their family members or friends (min. 2 people). If you have more than 6 in a group, we will need to break that up into two different groups. If you are the only one in your family who wants to try this out, we can create a group of church family members for a special group session.

There is no age limit and there will be writing involved. So if you have a young kiddo, they may need help writing.

This is for everyone who seeks to deepen their relationships with loved ones. Focusing on love can only benefit your relationships.

What will I discover?
  • Your top love language: your default behaviors and activities for giving and receiving love.

  • How to speak the love languages of family members: which behaviors and activities will "speak" most lovingly to your family members.

  • The most intentional way you can be loving.

  • How to articulate what you need to feel loved.


Where will we meet?

Sessions will be via ZOOM unless Jamie happens to be in Wenatchee and then she will reach out to those who want to meet in person.

What is a session like?

Sessions are 90 min- Two Hours. You will examine love throughout your life and be writing on sticky notes. You will need to bring sticky notes or a small note pad that you can tear paper out of and pens for each person.

How do I sign up?

Follow the registration link at the top of the page and Jamie will be in touch with more information. From there you and your family will be invited to choose a day that works. There will be one day each month available for these free sessions and we will try to fit as many into that day as possible.

More questions?

Email jamie at

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