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When someone asks, "How ya doin'?" do you respond with, "Busy!"

I developed the idea for living miracle boards based on several brain research, psychological principles, vision board classes, spiritual studies, as well as my own personal practice. Miracles that have happened for me include, finding the love of my life, finding a home with EVERYTHING on my wish list including the lilac tree, finding the job I wanted, and creating a more powerful connection with God.


A miracle board uses some of the same principles as a vision board and

then takes it to the next level. The research that shows what you focus on is what you will notice and bring into your life, tells us that if you are focused on all of those things that keep you busy, that is what you will continue to manifest in your life. However, if you shift your focus, you notice the opportunities that you have been walking right by all this time. You start to take those opportunities and shift your course. A miracle board combines the power of visual imagery with faith, prayer and gratitude.  Because we are using the entire internet for image collection, your miracle board can become part of your regular meditation, gratitude, prayer, or goal setting practices. It will focus on miracles that have already happened for you as well as those to come. 



Sunday, March 10



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Connect with your higher power to bring in the miracles designed for your highest best life. God can dream infinitely bigger than we can so merge your heart's desires with the nudges the universe sends your way in order to live, love, and create bigger than you can possibly dream.



Sign up at: (link coming soon)

You will need to be familiar with the Pinterest app or another digital image collection app of your choice. If you want to get familiar with the Pinterest app, you are invited to schedule a complimentary consultation (click here) with Jamie

BEFORE March 10th with Jamie

to get set up. If you have further questions, contact me by email or phone.

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