Jamie J has fantastic ideas on how to keep teachers (and others) sane, happy, and healthy. This book reminds us that we are important as PEOPLE, not just as educators, and she reminds us to celebrate our successes every day.  

— Kaleigh Killian, High School Math Teacher

Finally, someone who gets the mental, emotional, and physical drain that is teaching and instead of starting out telling me what I need to do to be better, the author starts out telling me to take care of ME!

—Myree Conway, Early Education Teacher

I've always joked that my desk could be clean if I could simply catch up, but that this would happen at the same rate in which it takes me to fill a bucket with a hole in the bottom. How does one teacher continue to teach like her hair is on fire, keep up with lesson plans, remain in compliance with timelines, balance a work and home life - and still find time to pee? It's refreshing to know that many of us feel the same way - so much so that an entire book has been compiled to remind us that we are indeed worth more than the piles on our desks.

—Betsy Kling, Special Education Teacher

Calling all new and budding teachers, this is our reminder that we can have it all without feeling obligated to do it all! I know we feel like we have a lot to prove, but this book has planted the idea that we've got this.

—Pearl Schramm, Preschool Teacher

I had many dreams when I became a teacher. I knew that sacrifices would be made; I just didn't think it would be finding the time to go to the bathroom. This book helped me find time to have a life. It helped me bring out the best in me for others and myself to enjoy. After reading this, I started going through my piles of stuff to see what is holding me back from experiencing joy in my life. If it doesn't meet my goals, I got rid of it. As teachers, we didn't spend all of our time and money going to college to waste away our lives. We don't have to do it all ourselves.

—Kimberly Bouch, Kindergarten Teacher

Jamie J’s down to earth, funny and personalized writing is exactly what all teachers need to feel empowered, understood and stand as a team together with other teachers. In teaching, it can often feel like we are by ourselves but the message I take is that we all feel like this and we can do something about it. We are worth it and we are great teachers. Teachers are so under appreciated and this book makes me feel like I am worthy and that I am doing a good job!

—Claudette Povey, High School Teacher

Jamie hit the nail on the head by reminding teachers that we ARE worth more than any work waiting for us! It is a hard job to be a teacher-of any age group! There is so much asked of you and you just want to do a good job and to do it right. This book says, sure we all want that, but you have to remember that you are going to screw up, make major mistakes, and you won't be perfect...and the big take away, IT IS OKAY not to have it all together all of the time!

—Kellie Herndon, Early Education Teacher

Going through the introduction alone, I found myself nodding my head and thinking “ Yep, that’s me!”

—Linda Lang, Elementary School Teacher

The introduction alone hooked me. It called to me because it described me. I am that teacher with the pile on her desk, never saying no, always trying to do more. I’m also the teacher that is exhausted, pushing through and who needs to learn how to balance herself in her job and her life. I often feel alone in these feelings but just the introduction justified for me that I’m NOT alone!

—Melanie Ford, Elementary School Teacher

Teachers are lifeboats in busy waters - keeping everything afloat amidst chaotic times. However, when the captain of the lifeboat is told to keep the ship from filling with water, administer CPR to those struggling for air, hoist the anchor, signal the coast guard, and ensure the safety of the people in the lifeboat, it’s hard to hold on! Teachers do this on a daily basis, with grace and compassion. This book helps celebrate the victories of teachers, the captains of the lifeboats, and the shapers of tomorrow!

—Maddie Currier, Special Education Teacher

I am enough! I am good at what I do! I make a difference! Jamie gave me the permission and validation I need to believe I do enough, even though I cannot do it all!

—Julie Wysocky, Middle School Literature Teacher

"One of the best forms of self-care is freeing your voice, even in the face of bullying, and finding validation in being heard." The phrase "freeing your voice" is what sticks with me. I have certainly faced bullying moments when it felt like something was stuck in my throat - that something was my voice wanting to be freed in order to be heard. I matter, my voice matters, and if it is important to me and my values, then it is worth speaking out. Even if the bully I'm speaking to does not hear me, there are other ears that that will, other people who have voices that resonate with mine. But to find these people, and for these people to find me, I must start by freeing my voice, speaking out and speaking up.

—Kathleen Johnson, NASA Research Scientist - Curriculum Developer and Teacher

"TAKING CARE OF MY JOY, BRINGS THAT JOY RIGHT BACK INTO MY WORK." This quote was my favorite. I need to make this my mantra.

—Melissa Rodriguez, Elementary School Teacher

You can say no. You can set boundaries. You can bend the rules. Doing these things are what makes you a happy teacher, and only a happy teacher can be an effective teacher.

—Jess Mahoney, Middle School Special Education Teacher


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