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Teach & Still Have Time to Pee

As a teacher of nearly 20 years, I know how this can be a problem and that’s why I’m excited to show you the 5 steps to go from slowly dying under 80 plus hour work weeks to reclaiming time to read your favorite novel in the bath, get out for a hike, cook a delicious meal and live a life you love.

Kickass Kickstarters for Teams

Could you use a powerful cultural shift? Free consults for teams through May!

5 Weeks of Self Love

How will 5 weeks of practicing self love through a guided forum transform your life?

I am Jamie, certified life and light coach, and my specialty is finding the light within; guiding you to let it shine! Join me for an online forum on how to show yourself love using the 5 Love Languages.

Living Miracle Boards

Connect with your higher power to bring in the miracles designed for your highest best life. Spirit can dream infinitely bigger than we can so merge your heart's desires with the nudges the universe sends your way in order to live, love, and create bigger than you can possibly dream.

Vashon, Washington ⎜ jamie@kickassteacher.com509.557.8793

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