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My Journey

Did you know that the cost to replace an experienced teacher is more than $15,000?

As a teacher of 20 years who has taught over 3,000 at risk youth, I get what it is like to be in the tough classrooms of today. I began my teaching career thinking that I would have the chance to empower youth to question everything and love learning but, the same year I won STEM teacher of the year, I became so disheartened and demoralized that I believed our system was broken beyond all hope. After $14K in pay cuts and more and more punitive mandates crushing not only me but my students, I left teaching never to return...


or so I thought.


I realized that I wasn’t creating the kind of impact that I knew I had the potential to create. I decided to join the Peace Corps intending to do ANYTHING but teach. Alas, I was stationed as a mentor English teacher in Indonesia for 2 years. And, that’s where I discovered that the system wasn’t what mattered.


The health and happiness of the teachers IS WHAT MATTERS!


Now, I’ve been fortunate enough to teach and mentor over 350 educators and administrators internationally which is where I learned that...

There is no program, training, or curriculum that will impact students the way happy teachers can.

This is why I’m so passionate about helping hard working & exhausted educators get back their joy, energy and inspiration.














Vision & Mission

My vision is global love and world peace and I believe that can be achieved through HAPPY TEACHERS!

I am here to help hard working educators in a way they have never been helped before. I want to show you how you can keep rocking your profession without giving up health, happiness and hot dates!


Join my movement to create a revolution from an educational culture of fear and comparison to one of love, hope, and celebration.

Who Should Work With Me?

What would it be like to live life like YOU mattered more than test scores, data, mandates, or evaluations? What has to change in your life for that to happen?

The big difference is...


This work is about YOU the educator who wants support and transformation in your own life and career.

Book your free Kickass Kickstarter Consultation and get clarity and resources for you to start transforming your life right now!

This is for you if you are looking for:

Personal development, and

Ways to improve your quality of life.

This is not for you if you are looking for:

Professional development, or

How you can improve your teaching.

What People Are Saying

"Jamie showed me that in order to love teaching, I must be willing to embrace my imagination!"

-Fia Parmi, Prambon, Indonesia

"Jamie showed me that the one thing you need to love teaching is a positive attitude. I didn't realize the significance of that until I started teaching and realized how negative the work environment can be."

-Rachel M., Wenatchee, WA


"My session with Jamie gave me true clarity. She has the uncanny ability to get me to do the tasks I'd rather avoid, by breaking them down and making them appear manageable - now they are!" 

-Debbie R. Bellevue, WA

"Jamie has a beautiful presence and holds space with love and intention. A true gift to anyone who works with her."

-Julie Y. Portland, OR

"She was really helpful at giving me practical steps to take, in order to start my business, and then followed up with me to keep me motivated, as I tend to get discouraged. My overall experience was very positive and gave me directions, strength and hope.”

-Nadege M. Leavenworth, WA


My 20 years of teaching has been in various settings, from a 4th grade bilingual classroom in Wenatchee, WA, to an Islamic high school in the rice paddies of Indonesia, and developing a brand new alternative program in Omak, WA. The switch from teacher to coach was a natural one for me. In both roles, I help individuals increase their self awareness, clarify goals, raise their confidence, commitment to themselves, and identify paths forward toward what they want in life.


Personal, mindset, and cultural development for teachers, schools, and organizations.
 I provide support with:

  • Healthy habits,

  • Setting boundaries,

  • Having difficult discussions,  

  • Relationships (spouse, family, work),

  • Career decisions,

  • Finding your resources

  • And, more...

Coaching is available worldwide via video chat and phone — or in person on Vashon Island.


In My Spare Time...


I’m a photographer who travels the world in pursuit of global love. I’ve served as a missionary in Ghana, Mexico and India — and most recently, spent two years in Indonesia as a Peace Corps volunteer. To learn more about these adventures, visit my blog.

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